City and State Domains For Sale – GEO TLDs

With the introduction of all the new local TLD’s are the location based .com still worth what they were?

Over 10 years ago in 2005 sold for $12 million up front with monthly payments that could have taken the price as high as $90 million.

But are those prices still valid now that there are so many local tlds available?

Some popular Local GEO TLDs include

  • .city
  • .nyc
  • .paris
  • .tokyo
  • .dubai
  • .roma
  • .sydney
  • .moscow


And many more are either live or being purposed including

.quebec (Quebec region)
.αθήνα (Athens)
.berlin for the city of Berlin, Germany
.wien for the city of Vienna, Austria
.bcn (city of Barcelona)
.bzh (Breton community)
.cym (Wales (Cymru); awarded to the Cayman Islands)
.cymru (Wales (Cymru))
.wales (Wales)
.eus (Basque Language))
.gal (Galician language)
.lat (Latin America)
.saarland (the German Saarland state)
.africa (African and Pan African communities)
.scot (Scots community)
.vlaanderen (Flanders, Belgium)
.上海 (Shanghai)
.amsterdam .amsterdam
.bcn (for Barcelona)
.berlin .berlin
.brussels .brussels
.bzh (for Brittany)
.cymru (for Wales, in Welsh)
.hamburg .hamburg
.kiwi (for New Zealand)
.lat (for Latin America)
.melbourne .melbourne
.quebec (for quebec)
.rio (for Rio de Janeiro)
.wales (for Wales, in English)
.wien (for Vienna, Austria)
.vlaanderen (.vlaanderen for Flanders)
.москва (for Moscow)
.рус (for Russia)
.ابوظبي (for Abu Dhabi)
.佛山 (for Foshan)
.广州 (for Guangzhou)
.深圳 (for Shenzhen)

However the .com Geos still generate a substantial amount of traffic and interest.  Recently Josh Metnick, who buys and sells internet domain names  has put on the market.  These type of large cities do not get offered very often so we will be sure to watch how this progresses.

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