2016 llll.com 4 Letter Liquid Domain Analysis

Four letter domain names have officially become the new liquid digital asset. These domains could be brought and quickly sold in any auction for quick liquid cash. They are considered as good as cash with rather steady minimums for premium and non premium names.

We compiled sales data of 4 letter domain name sales for August, September and October 2016 from all major auction houses Namejet, Godaddy, Sedo, Dropcatch, Flippa, Dynadot and Ebay and summarized the results below and in a report.

In order to normalize the sales data we divided the domains into 3 different categories

  1. llll.com premium (no vowel no v)
  2. llll.com non premium (with vowel with v)
  3. llll.com outliers (sales over $1,750 USD for premium and sales over $1,000 for non premium)

Summary Analysis

llll.com premium sales were scarce in all the auction houses except for Namejet.

During this 3 month period Namejet sold 290 of the 367 llll.com premium domains (~79% of all sales).

Total Number of Premium llll.com Sales : 367 (14.5% of all sales)

Total Number of Non Premium llll.com Sales: 2,533 (85.5% of all sales)

Top 10 Most Expensive Domain Name Sold From
August to October 2016
Rank Domain Name Price Venue
1 cock.com $93,000 namejet
2 belp.com $79,000 flippa
3 zuma.com $50,000 godaddy
4 lidi.com $27,161 dropcatch
5 mene.com $24,000 sedo
6 voet.com $18,472 sedo
7 njie.com $18,000 sedo
8 paby.com $16,000 sedo
9 lesb.com $15,000 namejet
10 lobi.com $14,188 namejet


After reviewing sales data from this time period, we have concluded that:

Auction house with lowest sale price for non premium 4 letter domain is at ebay. (average price of $268 a domain with 115 domains sold )

Auction house with highest sales price of a non premium 4 letter domain is Sedo (with an average price of $401 with 23 domains sold.)  

~$133 difference in total sales price between the two auction houses.

Click this link to see the source data

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