Month: June 2016

ICANN amends its Transfer and Transfer Dispute Resolution Policies

Effective: December 1, 2016

Domain Name Transfer

The amendments to the Transfer Policy applies to ALL gTld’s and Registrars accredited with ICANN.

The amendments to the Transfer Dispute Resolution Policy (TDRP) applies to ALL gTLD’s, Registries, and Registrars accredited with ICANN.

Transfer Policy Updates:

  1. IF the Registrar implemented a 60 day inter-registrar transfer lock following a CHANGE of REGISTRANT procedure, and the Registered Domain Owner did not opt out of the lock, THEN, the Registrar must deny any inter-registrar transfer request.
  2. The definition of “Material Change” relating to a Change of Registrant has been clarified.
  3. The required information in the notification to the Prior and New Registrant has been modified.
  4.  In the event of a Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS) proceeding that the Registrar has been informed of, Registrars must deny an inter-registrar transfer.

TDRP Updates:

  1. Any TDRP Complaints must be filed with ICANN approved Dispute Resolution Providers and not with Registries.
  2. The statute of limitations to file a TDRP Complaint has increased to 12 months.
  3. Added updated version of enumerated reasons for denying inter-registrar transfers in the Transfer Policy
  4. IF the Dispute Resolution Panel concludes that an invalid transfer occurred, THEN, any transfers to a Gaining Registrar and all subsequent transfers are not valid.
  5. IF the Dispute Resolution Panel concludes that an invalid transfer occured, THEN, the Registrar of Record prior to the Invalid Transfer will receive the domain name.
  6. ALL TDRP decisions must be published with TDRP Providers
  7. New definitions have been added.

All this has been done to further prevent the risk of fraudulent domain name transfers, an all to frequent common occurrence as of late.