Tools For Getting The Perfect Domain Name – Top Ten


The domain name is one of the most important part of a new business. You want something that is memorable and will stand out from the competition. The best domain names are probably registered at this point, so purchasing one is not an option for most people. Unless you are willing to spend thousands of dollars on a domain name, we have some great tools you can use to find a great alternative.

BustAName (Alexa Rank 66,553) – This site allows you to put keywords and it will generate an available domain names with that set of keywords. This site is great for finding a domain with keywords you feel are relevant.

DomainsBot (Alexa Rank 43,850) – This name spinner will allow you to find similar domain names to the one you typed in. They also have a feature that will link to 3rd party registrars that will help you register the domain.

Domainr (Alexa Rank 35,135) – This search engine will find all domain names that are similar to the one you are looking for. This site will include name hacks as well as gTLDs. You also have the option to check if the domain is available and the ability to register the domain from this site.

DomainTools (Alexa Rank 1,372) – Another great site for name spinning, but unlike the other name spinning tools this one also has a whois feature. It will allow you to look up the information of the individuals who own the domain you are looking for.

Domize (Alexa Rank 126,428) – This tool will start searching for all domains the moment you start typing. It will indicate if the domain is available by the color green and unavailable by the color red. It will also provide alternative gTLDs if one is taken.

Dotomator (Alexa Rank 107,020) – This is another name generation tool, but you have to put in keywords at the beginning and the end. It will give you a list of available domains as well as domains that are already taken from your lists.

Impossibility (Alexa Rank 202,937) – This tool is great domain generator. All you have to do is provide a keyword, then you have the option of selecting adjective, noun, verb, and the placement of keyword. After you have decided, this tool will generate a list of domains that are available for registration.

LeanDomainSearch (Alexa Rank 29,082) – Like the other name generation tools on this list, this site will provide the biggest list out of all of them. All you have to do is put in a keyword and you will get thousands of alternate names that are available for registration.

NameStation (Alexa Rank 46,882) – This is another name generation tool. What sets NameStation apart from the competition is that it has a social platform to hold contests for original ideas from their users.

Wordoid (Alexa Rank 139,692) – This tool is great if you are looking for something brand-able. There is a list of made up words that will pass the radio test and are available for registration right now.

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