Best Domain Tools in 2016 – Top Ten


Having the right tools is esstential to succeeding in everything. We noticed a lot of our favorite tools have died over the last couple of years including namethismyipneighborsdnzoom, collectionmanagers and many more. We created a list of essential tools that are not obivious to everyone to help you with your domain business.

Domainr (Alexa Rank 35,135) FREE – Domainr is a domain name search engine that doubles as a marketplace. Domainr will list if a website is available, for sale, or unavailable. You have the option to use any marketplace like godaddy for the purchase of the domain. This site will show the typical .COM, .NET, .ORG domains and domain hacks.

LeanDomainSearch (Alexa Rank 27,461) FREE – LeanDomainSearch is a great tool if you are looking for quantity over quality. This website will generate a list of domain names that are available for registration. While you are not going to find the next best domain here, you might be able to find something decent that contains your keyword.

Ahrefs (Alex Rank 3,095) $99/month – Ahrefs is an SEO and Domain analytics tool. One of the key differentiator of ahrefs is that it tracks the gains and loss of backlinks. These are great tools if you are planning to buy a website or domain.

Majestic (Alexa Rank 33,239) $50/month – This is the best backlinks tool in the market right now.

SitePrice (Alexa Rank 10,804) FREE – Everyone has heard of Estibot, but have you heard of siteprice? SitePrice takes into account website traffic the data is more relevant to current websites.

ViewDNS (Alexa Rank 33,239) FREE – This is the all in one DNS tool. You can use it for Reverse IP look up to China firewall test.

DomainsBot (Alexa Rank 43,850) FREE- This is a domain name spinner. It will provide domain names that are available for purchase after you type in a keyword you want included in your domain.

SimilarWeb (Alexa Rank 2,709) FREE – This site is very similar to Alexa where it gives you information on the ranking of a website. The difference between this and Alexa is that it is completely free so you can view a wide array of information.

DropCatch (Alexa Rank 55,422) FREE – DropCatch is a great site if you are in the market for expiring domains. There are quite a few gems that people forget to renew and this is the marketplace to use if you are looking for something pending deletion.

Wayback Machine (Alexa Rank 295) FREE – Need to know what a domain looked like way back in 2002? The wayback machine takes a snapshot of a domains history and preserves it forever in its archive.

ToughDomains Portfolio Manager is a great way to organize your domain portfolio. This tool will allow you to input data regarding your domain and it will pull in data like expiration data/domain age/name server/ and e-mail attached to the domain.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment on or use our contact page.

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