Top Domain Forums 2016

top 5

There are quite a few forums domain enthusiast like to visit. With the death of, we used Alexa to find out which forums everyone is visiting. For the top 5, we have used Alexa to determine which site has the most traffic.  The lower the number, the better the ranking is.

  •  This forum is ranked 3,819 in the Alexa global rank.  This forum is owned by inet interactive which is own by Penton media.  This is primarily a webhosting site with a section on domain discussion.  This site has pretty good traffic compared to other sites on this list.
  • This forum is ranked 5,854 in the Alexa global rank. This forum has a lot of sub-forums, but beware since this site does have its share of scammers.
  •  This forum is ranked 9,929 in the Alexa global rank, is owned by BODIS and is very well known within the domain industry.  This site allows their users to discuss everything about domains from buying to selling and having others appraise their domains.  There are some features that are behind a paywall $5 for individuals and $10 for business.
  •  This forum is ranked 108,457 in the Alexa global rank. This domain forum has it all when it comes to domain discussions.  They have discussions like buying and selling domains, but they also have sub-forums for domain rentals.
  •  This forum is ranked 186,622 in the Alexa global rank, is owned by and is very similar to namepros.  They have a discussion area for domains as as well as a wanted section for individuals looking for a specific name.  This forum is not very active compared to the other forums.

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